Our Mission at Work

The Foley Center coordinates the service work of over 600 Spring Hill College students through our partnerships with nearly 70 non-profits in the Mobile community. Foley Center students engage in service learning, internships, and other servant leadership opportunities in healthcare, special needs organizations, elderly care, youth and adult education, and many other programs working to meet the needs of the under-served and marginalized.

Our goals are rooted in the Spring Hill College mission to form students to become responsible leaders in service to others. This mission is grounded in our Catholic tradition that teaches that justice and peace are not the responsibility of a few organizations, but the shared commitment of the global community to human dignity.

Person to person community service sustained over a semester or a year fosters transformative and reciprocal relationships between our students and the community. The Foley Center encourages students to build a sense of solidarity with the communities they serve and to instill a sense of agency that will embolden them to become leaders for change. The Foley Center is thus a key way that Spring Hill College fulfills its promise to form our students into leaders in learning, faith, justice, and service for life.

In 2017 we celebrated 25 years of service in the Foley Center. Please use the following link to learn more about the history and accomplishments of the Foley Center over that quarter century!

Teaching Community-Engaged Learning for 25 Years