Student Reflections on Service

Diamond Cummings, Class of 2020, Nursing Major

Diamond is currently a Junior at Spring Hill College. On top of her nursing requirements, she does service work at Wilmer Hall through the Foley Center. Diamond said Spring Hill has taught her that service means caring for the whole person and the whole community. Service doesn’t mean helping one unprivileged population, it means bettering the entire community and building relationships with them. Diamond is not originally from Mobile, but she works in many of the Mobile hospitals for the nursing program. She believes that her work with the Foley Center has allowed her to better know the Mobile community. Working in the hospitals allows Diamond to meet a variety of Mobilians, but her service work through the Foley Center gives her a better understanding of the people she sees as patients. Diamond continues to serve through the Foley Center because of the relationships she forms with her students at Wilmer Hall. She has formed strong bonds with her students over the years and they are the reason she serves. It it amazing for her to see them grow as people and students. Getting to be part of their lives as a mentor and friend is a privilege that Diamond doesn’t take for granted.

Nicolas Johnson, Class of 2022, Political Science Major

Nic is currently the Student Site Coordinator at the Mobile County Training School: Max Miller Education after-school tutoring program. He also serves as a tutor at the site. Nic believes that service is our duty to society. Service means helping others without looking for an award or something in return. He believes that his work with the Foley Center has given him insight into what the word “community” really means and consists of. Nic serves because he believes that everyone deserves an equal chance at life. He wants to help level the playing field for the youth in our society.

Madeline Johnson, Class of 2019, Psychology major

Maddy has done service work through the Foley Center since freshman year. While Maddy thought her service work was originally “just” community service, she has seen that the experience is so much more. Maddy now sees service as a personal mission that we are all given. She no longer thinks of her service work as helping others, but she sees it as a partnership. In her service work she is able to help others while they are simultaneously helping her to grow as a person. Service work has allowed her to apply materials that she has learned in the classroom to real life situations. Maddy feels as if she can read statistics in her major all the time, but service-work allows her to see that social injustices happen to real people and how it affects them. She feels as if she has learned something new about herself at each site she has worked at during her time at Spring Hill. Maddy continues to serve because she believes it is important to get outside of her comfort zone. Service allows Maddy to learn more about the community and the different people around her.

Anton Jones, Class of 2019, Political Science Major

Anton (AJ) currently serves at South Alabama Volunteer Lawyers Program. Service to AJ means having the opportunity to help those that are in a tough position. AJ feels as if service is important because he wants everyone to be able to live a comfortable and complete life. Service has given him the chance to stay grounded during his time at Spring Hill College. It allows him to understand that there are inequalities in the world and not everything is picture perfect like it is often portrayed on television. AJ serves because he sees a need for growth in all communities. Serving gives him the chance to be a more well rounded person and allows him to grow closer to the person God has called him to be.

Kayla Dumas, Class of 2020, Sociology & Hispanic Studies Major/Psych Minor

Kayla is a junior at Spring Hill College. She is currently serving at Chastang Middle School as an after school tutor. Kayla believes that serving means helping others without expecting anything in return. She hopes that the service she completes helps her students grow as people. Kayla believes that her work with the Foley Center has made her open to the different types of people in the world. It has taught her that there are so many people that need assistance, and we should help everyone. We shouldn’t just help for a specific reason, but we should do it because it is the right thing to do. Kayla serves because there is always a need. Serving creates a positive cycle of influence. If she can positively affect someone, that one person can then positively affect someone else. All of those positive influences can make a difference in the world.

Georgette Munezero, Class of 2019, Biochemistry major

Georgette is a senior and she works with Dwell Mobile’s English Classes. As an international student, she is able to connect with their stories of creating foundations and building relationships with others in the Mobile community. Georgette has the opportunity to work with refugees from many countries including Rwanda, The Congo, and Uganda. She is able to speak with and translate for those individuals that speak kinyarwanda or swahili. As a teacher of the English Classes, Georgette is able to assist the families on a deeper level because she is able to translate information into their native language so they can better understand the English language.

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