Health Services

USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital

The USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital is one of five freestanding hospitals in the United States dedicated specifically to the health care needs of children and women. Our team members are uniquely qualified and equipped to provide a wide range of therapeutic and surgical services for children and women, be it life-threatening illness, traumatic injury, premature birth, or high-risk obstetrical and gynecological needs. Everyone who works at USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital is devoted to providing hope, healing and the very best care possible for children and women. Volunteers at USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital help create thousands of healing moments with a simple smile or a comforting touch. Whether they are providing assistance in the gift shop, rocking and feeding newborn babies, entertaining and mentoring pediatric patients, or greeting and escorting guests, the volunteers contribute a great deal to the healing process of our patients. The volunteer program offers many unique opportunities, and they are always looking for enthusiastic, compassionate, qualified and committed individuals of all ages and backgrounds to join our team.

Students are specially placed into service at USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital and schedules are determined by USA staff. These are a very coveted service positions. If you are interested email The Foley Center director with your request

Students must have their own transportation.

Directions: 1700 Center St, Mobile, AL 36604

Times of Service: Determined by coordinator

Victory Health Partners

Inspired by Christ’s call to heal the sick, Victory Health Partners seeks to provide affordable quality care to the many thousands of uninsured adults in our Gulf Coast community. With a network of over 150 specialists ranging from cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons, dermatologists, etc., the barriers that once blocked the path of our patients’ recovery are now removed so that they have the ability to receive the care they need.

Our patients may be the hairdresser who is uninsured and unable to afford the insulin for her diabetes; a small business owner who is unable to afford the high cost of healthcare for his employees and himself; many single parents struggling to pay rent and feed their children. Thanks to a generous community of individuals, congregations, corporations and foundations, Victory can respond to those in need today.

Students are specially placed into service at Victory Health and their schedules are determined by the volunteer coordinator at the clinic. This is a very coveted service position and there is often a waiting list for this placement. If you are interested in serving at Victory Health email The Foley Center at

Students must have their own transportation.

Directions: 3750 Professional Parkway, Mobile, AL 36609

Times of Service: Determined by Coordinator

Focus First

Imagine trying to learn your letters without your most valuable sense: sight. For some children, that sense is already failing them—and no one has noticed. FocusFirst ensures that preschool children in urban and rural communities receive comprehensive vision care during their crucial formative years.

This service takes place Tuesday and Thursday mornings as early as 8:00 and as late as 10:45, and requires training. Interested students should inquire at The Foley Center well before the first day of service of fall or spring semester.

Carpooling may be available.

Times of Service: Students must have entire Tuesday and Thursday mornings free to participate in this service through the Foley Center.